Palliative care

When you and your doctor agree that you need care and palliative care services, a referral to our palliative care team will be made. Since illness is an evolutionary process, different services, the intensity of which may vary, will be proposed to you. From then on, a social worker will be appointed to accompany you and facilitate the links to obtain services both at the CLSC and other partners.

Services available at home:

  • Nursing care, including child care, that will give you access to a nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  • Home help services for baths, for example;
  • Occupational therapy and physiotherapy services for your convenience including equipment loans if your situation requires it;
  • In some cases, nutrition services;
  • A spiritual accompaniment if you wish;
  • An accompaniment for loved ones;
  • Of accommodation and accompanying places at the end of their lives.